Moonshadow’s Champion is Available for Preorder!

Fantasy book cover with "Moonshadow's Champion" written in gold text and a woman walking toward the viewer through a haze of sparks, carrying a sword


My second fantasy horror novel, Moonshadow’s Champion, is finally available for preorder, with the official release date set for April 12th!

If you loved the first book you’ll be blown away by how much better book two is. I’ve learned so much writing this book, and it shows on every page.

The blurb

In the weeks after the events of Moonshadow’s Guardian, Riana finally has what she’s always wanted: a free life in the human world. No more commands. No more restraints on her will. No more being used as a living weapon.

Yet the scars she earned escaping her old life don’t just mark her body. Nightmares haunt her sleeping hours and news of Jacob VIII’s plans to exterminate the telars harry her waking thoughts.

If she wants to keep the fragile place she’s built for herself and the peace she secured for Moonshadow, she must decide if she will once again take up her blade—this time against her former master.

Elsewhere in Moonshadow, unrest and discrimination have roiled into a deadly storm of force. Revolution is brewing—and even Jacob VIII’s death might not be enough to stop it from sweeping over Moonshadow.

Where to buy it

You can order an ebook copy of Moonshadow’s Champion on Amazon today!

Want a paperback? It WILL be happening, but there are still some formatting details to be hammered out, so it’s not available for preorder just yet. I’m hoping it’ll release on the same day as the ebook, April 12th.

Want to buy from somewhere other than Amazon? You’ll get your chance closer to release day! Moonshadow’s Champion will be available on Kobo and in several other ebook retailers through Draft2Digital – and I’ll announce it here when it’s ready to go!

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